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Tim Stephens

Seeing Zig speak at the "Get Motivated" Seminar was the highlight of the show for me.

I had a guy next to me say "What's wrong with this guy?"

I replied: "He is one of the greatest Motivational Speakers to have ever lived. He is facing a challenge right now with short term memory loss. Be quiet and listen...you are bound to learn something." He moved. :)

Zig Ziglar is living his credo. He is facing this "giant" in his life with his typical upbeat attitude. He controls it, it doesn't control him.

In my 20's I was given his tape set "See You at the Top!". I wore that thing out listening to the great words of this man. It changed my life and my attitude.

He is a HERO of mine. God Bless you Zig.

Account Deleted

I like your highlights Gary. Timeless message, isn't it. :-)

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Thanks for sharing your blog to us. It inspired me in my daily life of living.

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